Who Is a Good Fit For Geofencing?

Geofencing is a great tactic for finding an advertiser’s relevant and desired audience, and serving ads to them. However, this is not a one-size-fits-all strategy, and not every advertiser is right for this tactic. In this blog we will discuss the basics on what geofencing is and who is a good fit for this tactic.

What is Geofencing?

Geofencing is a location-based marketing tactic that allows us to serve ads to people that are in, or have recently been in, a specific location. We can choose specific addresses to draw a virtual box around to catch devices in this location. While not all devices can be picked up due to a wide range of factors, it is still a great way to catch a relevant audience and serve ads to them. Another cool feature of geofencing is conversion zones. After we’ve served ads to these devices we can see if they enter pre-setup conversion zones, typically the location of the advertiser, to see if users who saw their ads then showed up at their business.

Who Is A Good Fit For Geofencing?

  • Dealerships – Dealerships are a great fit for geofencing for a few reasons. They sell large ticket items that people often take time to consider before making a purchase. They also could have frequent inventory changes, and are often business categories that shoppers will view multiple options of before making a purchase due to their large price tag.
    • New or Used Car Dealerships – Geotargeting competing dealers is a great way to reach people actively searching for cars.
    • Boats/Recreational Vehicle Dealerships – Similar to car dealerships, we can geotarget competing businesses that are selling the same kind of products, and reach this audience that we know already has a higher interest level in purchasing this product.
  • Retail Stores – Certain categories of retail stores can be an excellent fit for geofencing.
    • Jewelry Stores – Similar to the thinking behind the car dealerships, certain jewelry purchases can have a larger price tag, and could be an item that people visit multiple stores before picking out the pieces that they want.
    • Furniture Stores – When people are buying furniture, oftentimes they like to go to the physical store, see the pieces, and try them out. It’s also another one of those categories where it’s not uncommon to shop multiple stores to find the right fit for your home.
    • Boutiques – Specialized clothing shops can also be a fantastic category to run geofence ads for. This can help a store geofence their competitors and reach shoppers that we know have an interest in boutique clothing. 
  • Entertainment – Locations where people are going for fun activities can be a great place for advertisers to collect an audience!
    • Casinos – Visitors who are at casinos obviously already have an interest in casinos and table games. This can be a great way for competing casinos to show visitors ads to their casino to draw more visitors.
    • Golf Courses – Capturing an audience out on a golf course is a smart way for golf resorts, other courses, or golf stores to get their ads in front of customers that they know already have an interest in the game!
    • Family-Friendly Locations – Think of places like a children’s museum, arcade or a trampoline park! These are perfect locations to capture an audience of parents looking for family-friendly activities, or products and services related to their children.

Geofencing can be a really beneficial tactic for the right advertiser. These are just a few of many industries that we have helped run successful campaigns! Reach out to our team to get a quality geofencing strategy and campaign going for your advertisers!


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